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Niouzes de la villa dimanches, de ses habitants, de ses visiteurs. Totalement narcissique.

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Publié le 10 Octobre 2008 par Nadine in Tchatche et niouzes

Après des articles en turc, en portugais (et même en portugais en cuisine), en espagnol, en créole et en indonésien, voici un article en anglais après mon déplorable anglais qui a déjà parsemé quelques articles. En vue de l'exportation de ce blog dans les pays anglo-saxons, Chris a traduit l’article sur lui-même dans la langue de Shakespeare ou plutôt celle de Peter Garett puisque Chris est Australien et bosse chez Greenpeace.  Voici donc l’article du 12 septembre traduit avec les photos qui vont avec :

Chris 007: A Sunday of Work
Since last week, I have had Chris staying at my place. He is an old friend from Australia who we met in 1999 in Lombok, Indonesia, He came to Aix in 2001 and again last year. Since last Spring he has been working for Greenpeace, in Paris. His job is to annoy all the polluters on the planet while he is working at Greenpeace. I would desperately like (not sure if this is correct?) to go and visit him one day in Australia when he returns there, but it is a bit far away.
Since the Rainbow Warrior affair, the French are well aware that they need to watch out for Greenpeace and particularly for those parts coming from the Antipodes. Last Sunday, Chris and I were by the beach, in Niolon, and I believe I have the ability to convey in this article the irrefutable proof, including the photographs, which show that Chris was in reality on a mission to (once again) sully our  national reputation in all the glorious endeavours of France (nukes, armament sales, Total in  Burma, our First Lady)

Chris looks suspicious or Look at Chris the Conspirator (don't know how to translate this)

His accomplices in the Zodiac, the military equipment preferred by Greenpeace. Along with the whales, saving the sirens (mermaids) is now clearly in progress

An effective undercover disguise. Seller of sandwiches and (Chichi - je ne sais pas)

Jeu-concours : celui qui trouve la traduction anglaise de Chichi gagne un chichi fregi.
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